Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alger Family Welcome

Hi Friends and Family,

Welcome to our Alger Famly Blog! The latest and the greatest from the Algerhouse:

SPENCER is home! Spencer moved back in for awhile. He has a job working at Starbucks and loves it. He is taking a couple of core classes at Chandler Gilbert Community College. It's so nice having him around. Also nice to have an onsite "I.T." guy and an extra driver!

ZACK is playing football and as some of you know...has already "made the news". He was interviewed by the Tribune right after Basha's 2nd game. His coach had some pretty nice things to say about him!

WHITNEY is still dancing. She is on the competition team for the studio that she has been on since we moved here. She also made the Basha High School Dance team and is busy! She got to go to her first big dance...homecoming! She and Mitch Janda went with Zack and Kylie Crouch and Kylie's sister. Lots of FUN!

MASON made the drumline for Basha High School. He is in the marching band that plays at Zack's football games. It is really fun having both of them "performing" at the same time! Mason is also taking drum lessons and is considering playing the drum set for Jazz Band. He is playing Rec soccer and is looking forward to playing school soccer this winter.

MADDY is playing club soccer and is loving it! So far, her team is undefeated! She's in 6th grade and is going to be graduating out of Primary in a couple of weeks! It's so hard to believe that all our kids are growing up! She is almost as tall as I am...and we wear the same size shoe!